Kitty Parent Praise

“Stella has been a blessing for me, she is growing strong and beautiful, she is playful and extraordinarily smart and affectionate and I am so happy to have her in my life.  I feel fortunate that I chose you as the breeder because I can tell that the way Stella was socialized with your family that she is the best kitty I could have gotten.” Barbara N.- New Mexico


“Sweetest disposition and is always by my side. I honestly think he’s the best kitty I’ve ever had.” Carol K.- Utah

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully pleased we are with the kittens: they are affectionate, alert, curious, brave, fierce, tolerant, and so, so, so sweet!  We LOVE them.  They have excellent temperaments.  Thank you so much for adding such joy to our “tribe”!” Anne H.- Colorado

“The kittens are wonderful. They are the most loving cats I’ve ever met and they’re very well behaved too.” Nick F.- Canada

“Our little kitty is so sweet and has such a fun and spunky personality.  She loves to play but she also want to be with us.  She purrs so much and loves to be affectionate with us.  She is a little sweetheart!!” Kristin H.- Colorado

“Thank you for Zia. She is a wonderful addition to our lives. Oh yeah, she has taught us to play fetch with her. She will bring a toy and drop it in front of us for us to throw. She then brings it back for another throw.” Johnny C.- New Mexico

“They rode (home) great together and are best buds. While they are best friends and play with each other and groom each other, they definitely have been socialized and will spend time with you alone. Blue came and laid on my lap for a long time (about a half hour), even fell asleep.  Then his brother came over and had to groom my beard and lick my ear.  Eventually Black couldn’t take the fact that his brother had the “best spot” and he tried to take over my lap.  It didn’t work so he just cuddled in with his brother and they were on my lap for another half hour or so. They are just perfect.  Thanks for raising such wonderful kittens.” Rick M.- Wyoming

“I want to thank you once more for the wonderful kitties: we love, love, love them!  And Tonkinese really do have a very unique temperament—so sweet and affectionate, yet wild and rough and tumble!” Anne-Barrie H.- Colorado

“Ruby’s fit right into our family. She’s also incredibly snuggly and just generally delightful.” Maureen K.- California